It used to be rum, and sometimes wine
Who am I kidding, I’d of taken any kind
Spinning and spinning, further down the drain
Drinking away my problems was a losing game

The lies I told, to everyone else
Weren’t as bad as the ones I told myself
The bottle of booze was all I could see
And I thought I was one drink away from feeling free

Then one day I’d had enough of that horrible pain
And knew I had no one but myself to blame
I had grown tired of circling that drain
Little did I know that I’d never be the same

I looked up at the sky and I made a promise
And with earnest desire, I found Alcoholics Annonymous
I found open arms and words of wisdom
People with hope in their hearts and lives of optimism

I found a miracle I can’t quite define
That began to heal my body and mind
One day at a time, I began to see
There was something bigger out there, bigger than me

With the help of the rooms and lots from above
I felt less hate and a lot more love
There was talk of hope and a fourth dimension
And too many familiar stories to mention

I found kindred spirits that knew who I was
And people who helped me, “just because”
I’m amazed at the person I’ve started to become
And from now on the life I live will be a sober one

– A member of Alcoholics Anonymous